Before Bad Boys 3, the series derived L. A.”s Finest with Jessica Alba unveils a teaser shabby

Cinema 8 February, 2019






L. A.’s Finest is a series derived from Bad Boys, with Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba.

The saga Bad Boys has been very difficult to come back, but it will come back. For better and for worse. While the third film Bad Boys For Lif3 is shooting after years of development, and announcements, (it was released in February 2017), the series derived L. A.”s Finest approach.

Centered on Syd Burnett, the sister of Martin Lawrence aka Marcus Burnett view in Bad Boys II, the series will be given by Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. The two actresses will form, therefore a duo of cops badass, in Los Angeles. This is the pitch highly original novelty 2019, and the first teaser seems to indicate that everyone is aware of the thing.



Under the guise of humour and second degree, this teaser of 30 seconds therefore devotes 20 to show Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba half naked, in a scene worthy of a bad soft porn. A quick preview of the upcoming action ends the video in order to remember that the duo is there to sell a cop series.

This is probably a good axis marketing to place L. A.”s Finest on the radar of a certain public. It is also a manoeuvre which reminds us that the production of the series was complicated, and that it has failed to be buried : NBC, which had ordered a pilot, did not want to go beyond. Sony has finally got the project a few months after.


Gabrielle Union already very credible in Bad Boys II


Gabrielle Union therefore brings his role of Sydnet Burnett, who has apparently started a new life in Los Angeles as an inspector. Jessica Alba is Nancy McKenna, his new partner, a mother in the past obviously complicated. Surprise : between the two, there will be sparks. But to confront the wicked criminals of the City of Angels will reunite them, and help them to better understand and accept.

The Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson is also part of the experience, and will be the father Burnett.

Created by George Gallo, L. A.”s Finest will happen, therefore, the may 13, 2019, on the Spectrum, a platform for video well-known (not at all).


Jessica Alba already had a gun in Machete


PS. The “real” trailer is also available.