Before being stars, these actors turned ridiculous ads

Cinema 3 January, 2017

We must always assume what we did, even when it was not very glorious. For these actors, it corresponds to advertisements where they tapped the poster.

We all have records well buried, finally we hope never to stand out. Pictures, videos, anecdotes of friends and family in which we are not at all to our advantage. When you remain a quidam, no problem. At worst it goes out quickly, in small committee and you laugh. But when you become a superstar, it makes laugh everyone . And there you have to know being beautiful player and have self-derision. These actors and actresses need it, for the blow.
Bryan Cranston
Basically, he praises the effectiveness of a product against hemorrhoids ( “Oxygen Action”). All smiles, in suits and small glasses kind Wall-Street. For the brand Preparation H.

Keanu Reeves
Before becoming Neo, it magnificently embodied a server and available packages “Corn Flakes” on the restaurant table . Dancing stupidly. And tasting this succulent Kellogg’s product in secret.

Bruce Willis
It leaves a little in every way. The relationship between the cooler wines of the Seagram’s brand and the fact that three top models jump on him remains intriguing . In any case, Bruce seemed happy, dancing, jumping … One year later (1988), he played in “Crystal Trap”.

Demi Moore
Then in partnership with Bruce Willis, she succumbs to the same vice. Pennies, pennies, pennies! Maybe they were living beyond their means and could not spit on a small pub … This, for the Coca lightened, not encumbered all is unlikely.

Matt LeBlanc
Intended to play in “Friends”, it’s obvious. He starts at the top of a New York building and swallows a hot dog. Classic Joey. Meanwhile, it’s beautiful. The created this ad for Heinz Ketchup have worked well . The proof, they won an award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987.

Brad Pitt
When you have the Pringles, it’s party, it’s life, it’s euphoria! Otherwise, it’s the galley, the sadness. Here, Brad and his pals bogoss have the chance of getting three chicks in bikinis who troubleshoot the Pringles . And the party restarts!

Leonardo Di Caprio
Ooooh he was already all handsome little Leo! With his piercing blue eyes, his sure smile and his tchatche. There it says you from chewing gum Bubble Yum it rocks . The proof, he dances and kiffe alone.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
It can be cleared and held responsible. Although too small to decide anything, Sarah showed her boiled in a pub for Burger King. And more specifically, a pub that belies the competitor McDonalds accused of tampering with the size of the steaks that melt during cooking . This story goes back a long time.

Ben Affleck
He also praised the merits of Burger King, but much later. He knew what he was doing, he had to assume his decision. Great actor, he played very well housebroken son smiling despite the frustration of missing his luck with a beauty , because of his father.

Morgan Freeman
The best, or the worst is according to the list. He multiplied the advertisements through the decades: Visa, Polaroid, GPS … Obviously, Morgan never spit on a little note. The one he makes see is this one, for cigarettes. With a limit-limit slogan: “Stay black, stay strong Stay black and long.” … Who do you think is the most ridiculous?