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Entertainment 12 December, 2017

Meghan Markle

For many years, Meghan Markle has suffered from a lack of confidence in it because of the criticism of which she was the target.

Since the announcement of her engagement with prince Harry, Meghan Markle is at the center of all attentions. The bride-to-be prepares for the wedding, which will take place in less than four months, and it is one of the most celebrated personalities of the time. But before that, the star could already boast of being an actress emeritus. Yet, for a long time, she had to fight against his complex, against a lack of self-esteem. And the fact of being the victim of many criticism on his physique has not helped.

Two years ago, well before his love story with the prince Harry was made public, the star of the series Suits had confided in a long tribune, published in the magazine of the american Darling. “I was 20 years old, I was trying to understand life and to find my worth in an industry that judges us on everything we is not rather than what it is “, she explains. “I was told that I was not thin enough, not cute enough, not enough exotic. While telling me exactly the opposite the next day. “

The young woman has suffered, until the day where a meeting has changed his life. April Webster, a casting director (who must be the stars of Lost, or even Mission : Impossible) advised him, in the middle of a hearing : “You have to realize that you have enough value. “A statement that has the “breath” of the actress : “This woman I had never met saw through me. She saw my doubts through the layer of self-bronzer and blush that I was wearing. We can’t pay for therapy as good. “Therefore, Meghan Markle decided to regain confidence in it, keep smiling. “It was a shock,” she says.

Today, she just wants to be proud of herself and remember her own value. A mentality of iron that will be well worth it. As the wife of prince Harry, she will be under the spotlight during the major part of his life. It will therefore have a lot of confidence to face the criticisms that risk, still, and always will be the target in the future.

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