Bella Hadid: Her strange confession about her mother

Entertainment 3 July, 2017

Bella Hadid revealed that when she was younger her mother forbade her something strange for a future model!

If she is now one of the most famous mannequins on the planet, this does not prevent Bella Hadid from experiencing some troublesome moments. Recently, she was being adjourned for one evening. Yes, there are still people who do not recognize the American top! However, Bella Hadid is attracting more and more the fashion world and continues the collaborations and the covers of magazines. The model recently made some confidences about her childhood and adolescence during an interview with InStyle. The model then revealed some rather strange anecdotes about her mother, Yolanda Hadid. The top said she had to follow strict rules when she was younger. Bella Hadid was helping to look after the family barn and could not wear high heels. Strange for a future model but still true and true.

The high heels were formally prohibited by his mother who preferred to offer him riding boots. “My mother was like ‘Oh my god no, do not do that!’ You go to school then to the barn, if you want a pair of personalized riding boots you can have it. Need 10 pairs of high heels because you do not wear high heels. ‘”Bella Hadid told the magazine.
However, the top was able to do what she wanted when she was 18 and then owned designer clothes, her own apartment and especially high-heeled shoes.
“I do not say that I do not like my work but people think that fashion is a futile thing to become famous, I was 100% independent at 18 and paid for my own apartment. “She said. Bella Hadid, who made an adorable surprise to her sick grandmother, is a very famous top that makes her mother very proud!