Bella Hadid in couple with Drake, Rihanna reacts?

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

Rihanna is not surprised that Drake is getting closer to Bella Hadid! The singer responded by sending a warning to the mannequin!
Yesterday, you were told that Bella Hadid could be a couple with Drake! The two stars were spotted very close and accomplices in a Los Angeles club. After spending the evening together, Bella Hadid and Drake left separately before the young woman finally joined the Canadian rapper in one of her cars. It was explained to you that this certain rapprochement between Bella Hadid and Drizzy probably would not please the ex of the singer, Rihanna. The beautiful Barbadian did not take long to react after learning the news . However, if Rihanna is not surprised by this relationship, she is not angry with Bella Hadid!
Rihanna still has a lot of love for Drake but she also knows he’s a player. Besides, she does not want the sweet and innocent Bella Hadid to get herself by the rapper . The singer then wanted to send a text warning: “Do not let it break your heart .” And it seems that Rihanna is right to advise the model to be wary because Bella Hadid is terrified that his next boyfriend breaks his heart as The Weeknd did . However, a Hollywood Life magazine source revealed that although the American top and Drake flirted the entire evening, it was not a date. “She did not get any advance from Drake … They’re just good friends.” , The informant explained. Finally … for now anyway! And do you think Rihanna was right to warn Bella Hadid about Drake?