Bella Hadid reveals her butt, the Web ignites!

Entertainment 6 February, 2017

Bella Hadid appears more and more sexy on his account Instagram and maddened the Web by posting a picture of her buttocks!
Bella Hadid has just experienced a difficult month to learn that her ex, The Weekend, had found love in the arms of Selena Gomez just two short months after their break. The American mannequin felt betrayed not only by her former boyfriend but also by the singer. Indeed, Bella Hadid saw the interpreter of “Kill Em With Kindness” as her friend and she says, Selena Gomez had just broken the code of girls. But if she was hurt by the incipient romance of the two stars, Gigi Hadid’s sister is far from let down, quite the contrary. The mannequin continues the projects and the collaborations, she was also one of the great stars of Fashion Week of Paris a few weeks ago. Recently, it was on Instagram that Bella Hadid made a real buzz.
So we wondered if Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are not competing for the same man , they are also the war on Instagram ? Recently, the little sister of Gigi Hadid was able to test its popularity on the social network by posting a picture of the sexiest. In fact, the mannequin did not fail to show his buttocks, which evidently maddened the Web. Bella Hadid appears panties completely transparent, this will not really leave room for imagination. The picture was collected per month 620 000 I love and more than 4,000 comments . If Selena Gomez appeared recently in string, Bella Hadid proved to her that she had nothing to envy him, just like Kendall Jenner. And you, what do you think of the ultra sexy photo of Bella Hadid?