Bella Hadid separated from The Weeknd, she bids him farewell on Instagram

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

Determined to forge ahead, Bella Hadid has just bid farewell to her former boyfriend The Weeknd. And it is on Instagram that it happens!
Let it be said, its separation with The Weeknd was not easy. So much so that Bella Hadid still marked by their breakup, quickly took a radical decision . Which ? Do not have a romantic relationship for some time. Because yes, the end of his idyll with the Canadian singer was particularly complicated for the young woman. If she had to deal with her biggest heart-ache before the eyes of the whole world, the photos of her ex boyfriend cooing with Selena Gomez spread throughout the press did not help her to forget it . Suffice to say that the brother of Gigi Hadid suffered during this period. But little by little, the model succeeded in moving forward.
You may not know, but it was only two months after their separation that Bella Hadid saw The Weeknd appear in the arms of Selena Gomez . In other words, not the best way to move on. But let us reassure ourselves, far from being depressed, the pretty brunette now seems ready to forget the past. The proof ! The mannequin comes from unfollow The Weeknd on Instagram . Yes, bye bye the interpreter of “Starboy” , the young woman of 19 years now assumes her choices. And if for many internet users, this decision is a mere detail, for others, this gesture marks the definitive end of their relationship that lasted nearly a year and a half. Let’s hope that Bella Hadid quickly regains happiness. For his part, The Weeknd him, is the perfect love with Selena Gomez. The two lovebirds even contemplate marriage and the idea of ​​becoming parents. Are you surprised by the gesture of Bella Hadid?
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