Bella Hadid still in love with The Weeknd? The message that sows the doubt

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Is Bella Hadid still fond of her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd? If one believes his last message, doubt is allowed!
Since Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are a couple, Bella Hadid does not let go . Yes, the model recently showed its support to his former boyfriend on the Web. How? Simply by loving the photo of his One for the magazine Forbes on Instagram . A gesture that has not gone unnoticed by Internet users. So much so that they constantly question themselves. What if the top model still had feelings for his ex boyfriend? We know, the break was not simple for the pretty brunette. Remember, in an interview for Teen Vogue , Bella Hadid had confessed to having suffered a lot during her separation, and that her affection for the Canadian singer was still present. Obviously, the time has passed and Gigi Hadid’s sister has recovered from her heartbreak. But while the two ex-lovebirds have been separated since November 2016, rumors continue to invade social networks …
According to some Internet users, Bella Hadid would be envious of the couple formed by Selena Gomez and The Weeknd . To the point of having still and always feelings for his ex? According to his fans, the question does not even arise. The rumors were then spread when the Canadian singer released on Twitter the following message: “It’s left for binge-watching.” A message that could not have been raised but it was without counting the crazy theories that swarm on the Web. According to one of them, the top model would have subtly responded to her former boyfriend on Instagram by posting a picture of her face in close-up, under which one reads: “I look at you.” A cliche that did not fail to elicit strong reactions from its followers who did not hesitate to tag Selena Gomez’s boyfriend under the photo. Was it then a real nod to The Weeknd or a mere coincidence? You are left to judge! In your opinion, is this message really addressed to The Weeknd?
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