Bella Thorne and Bella Hadid hate each other, the reason revealed

Entertainment 30 June, 2017

It’s the Bella War! Bella Throne and Bella Hadid are in conflict, but why?
Bella Thorne has appeared in bikini and butt in the air in the garden of Scott Disick ! The young woman posed provocatively in a luxurious property by the pool, and fans with the wise eye did not delay to identify the place where she was: the Californian city of Scott Disick! Obviously despite the events that took place in Cannes, Bella Thorne decided to forgive the Lord its malotruous side. But on the other hand, it would seem that it is more difficult to show the same charitable spirit for Bella Hadid! If a few years ago the actress and the mannequin got along very well, seemingly lately their relationship seems to have deteriorated. According to a Star site source , A fan not very informed would have confused Bella Hadid with Bella Thorne while the sister of Gigi made a public appearance. And it would not have pleased the young woman …
According to the source, Balla Hadid would not have endured being confused with her former BFF and she would have said: “I’m not this Bella, I’m the Bella class, I wear more clothes than she” . A reflection that would have come to the ears of Bella Thorne, who would have answered according to the source: “She knows that Bella and her clique reign over the world of fashion, but she finds them contemptuous and haughty. Also just mean stuck for someone else ” . If this rumor is true, then the atmosphere is more than icy between the two young women! We hope it is only a gossip invented by the media, because ” It is a shame to see two young women as talented and seen to clasher in the press . Also if Bella Thorne likes to play the provocation card , that’s what also makes her charm … What do you think of this rumor?