Bella Thorne clash, she answers her haters!

Entertainment 27 January, 2017

When Bella Thorne gets clashed by the haters on social networks, the actress does not hesitate to answer and it’s cash!
Between Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid or Bella Thorne, the war continues naked . Because yes, the three celebrities are definitely part of these stars who are not cold in the eyes. They never hesitate to show themselves in the simplest device on social networks. But not only ! If their curves often madden the Web, they also know how to make themselves heard. Just like Bella Thorne who is known for not having his tongue in his pocket. Whether to defend Kendall Jenner who was humiliated for her acne in the media or just to react to criticism for it, we can be certain that the actress 19 years will defend. Besides, if Bella Thorne was recently taclée a hater on Twitter, she was quick to respond and did not go around the bush!
But what happened? It all started when someone severely Clashe Bella Thorne by tweeting: “It’s really the kind of person that you can watch and know that she is dyslexic.” Ouch … A bad tackle that did not go unnoticed since the actress herself noticed. But determined to put the record straight, Bella Thorne would have a new boyfriend , simply replied: “My physics says I’m dyslexic This is not rather because I talk all the time? Or because I make mistakes when I write but I have nothing to do with it? ” Because yes, you might not know but the It Girl has always been honest in revealing to her fans that she has dyslexia. A language disorder that makes it difficult learning spelling and reading . Anyway, the answer to the former girlfriend of Tyler Posey has the merit of being clear! And you, what do you think of Bella Thorne’s reaction?