Bella Thorne close to Louis Tomlinson (One Direction)? She receives death threats

Entertainment 16 February, 2017

Bella Thorne was too close to Louis Tomlinson which did not please the fans of the singer who did not hesitate to threaten the actress!
It is not always easy to be a star especially when social networks come into play, it is not Bella Thorne who will say the opposite. The actress had recently made a real bad buzz after linking up with Charlie Puth while she was supposed to be still a couple with Tyler Posey. Internet users had not missed the clasher. However, Bella Thorne has always taken the trouble to respond to her haters. But the young woman was far from suspecting that she would receive much worse than criticism. Indeed, Bella Thorne recently commented on a photo posted by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction via his account Instagram . The actress simply wrote an “awww” of admiration but that n ‘ Has not pleased the fans of the singer. So much so that some did not hesitate to threaten poor Bella Thorne with death!
Shortly after Bella Thorne’s comment, fans of Louis Tomlinson were quick to react. “Stay with your p ***** of place” or “go away from his comments, he is not interested.”, One could read. But some Internet users have become much more aggressive. “Bella Thorne commented on a picture of Louis I will really fight with her, she must stay away from him .”, Wrote a fan of the singer. Some admirers of Louis Tomlinson even think that Bella Thorne would have been at the origin of the rupture between the singer and his girlfriend Danielle Campbell . This is obviously not verified, it would seem that Bella Thorne, Who was trying to reconquer Tyler Posey , simply wanted to put on a nice comment. She could not expect so much hatred from her friend’s fans. And do you think Bella Thorne should respond to these new threats?