Bella Thorne deceives Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth? She twits herself on Twitter!

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

While many rumors accuse her of having been unfaithful to Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth, Bella Thorne spoke … by clashing alone!
Recently, netizens were surprised to see Bella Thorne couple with Charlie Puth while she was supposed to still be with Tyler Posey . Impossible then to miss these shots. The young woman is shown in a sexy outfit along with the interpreter of “We Do not Talk Anymore” for a romantic trip on a beach of Miami . Photos that did not lack of buzzer on the Web. For good reason, has the actress been unfaithful? This is the question that many of his fans are asking. Especially Charlie Puth has not hesitated to apologize and saying he did not know she was not single. Pure drama! As a result, criticism has shifted to social networks. And the questions also. So that face this bad buzz, Bella Thorne was quick to dot the i’s. But in speaking, the young woman offered herself the biggest fail of all time by clashing herself.
If some fans remain confident that Bella Thorne has indeed deceived Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth, the actress responded by posting a message on Twitter . One way for her to deny the rumors of infidelities that quickly spread on the net. But if the pretty redhead has had to undergo many attacks from Internet users, she has also been able to count on the support of her admirers who sent her full of messages of support. Tweets she hastened to like. But among all these statements, one of them did not go unnoticed . For cause, a French user has not hesitated to tackle the actress and write: “When not assume you lol” , accompanied the post in which she explains. Having probably not understand our language , Bella Thorne liked the message . A real fail that may well make smile on the Web. And you, what do you think of this whole story?