Bella Thorne deceives Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth, will the actor still want her?

Entertainment 24 December, 2016

Big scandal for a few days, especially on Twitter! Bella Thorne would have deceived Tyler Posey with singer Charlie Puth. If this story is not clear, what will Tyler Posey do in the future?
This is THE scandal of the moment! Bella Thorne was seen hand in hand with singer Charlie Puth while the young woman should be in couple with Tyler Posey … After several days of clash on the social networks by the fans of the actor of Teen Wolf and the young singer Bella Thorne has finally responded to the rumor on deception Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth ! The young woman announced to be separated from Tyler Posey for 2 weeks and not to be in couple with Charlie Puth while for his part the singer does not hesitate to defend itself in front of the questions of the fans. For his part, Scott McCall’s interpreter has still not reacted and may not react to this controversy, the actor being very discreet about his privacy. If what Bella Thorne says is true, that she and Charlie Puth are only friends, will Tyler Posey still want to be with her? It is certain that Tyler seemed crazy in love with Bella …

On Twitter, Charlie Puth has Clashe violently Bella Thorne about his deception of Tyler Posey! The singer even apologized to the situation, a careful attention. If we do not know how the actor of Teen Wolf saw the situation, could he ask Bella Thorne to come back? Despite this potential deception, it may well be yes if one believes a source of Hollywood Life : “. It would not be against (…) He was in love and very happy with it he would accept a reconciliation” . If this possible reconciliation could well displease the fans of Tyler Posey, it would seem that the interpreter of Scott is well addict of his Bella. To know if the couple will reconcile, it will probably wait a few days or even weeks … Case to follow! Do you think Tyler Posey could get back with Bella Thorne after that?