Bella Thorne: Exit Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth, the actress has a new boyfriend!

Entertainment 14 January, 2017

Bella Thorne keeps talking about her. The actress has already forgotten Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth in the arms of a new boyfriend. Discover all the details!
There are a few weeks, Bella Thorne was at the heart of a real bad buzz. The actress was spotted in the arms of Charlie Puth and then kissing her on a beach in Miami a few days after her break with Tyler Posey. However, very soon the deception rumors appeared and Charlie Puth has added a layer clashant violently on Twitter. He also apologized to Tyler Posey, claiming he was not aware that the two were always together. From there, Bella Thorne was prey to many haters. Yes but here, 2017 means change and new year. The actress Famous in Love put all her stories behind her and was displayed very, very close to a new guy . Is this his boyfriend? Everything suggests that yes!
It is with Sam Pepper, a popular YouTuber 27, Bella Thorne found solace . He grabbed his account Snapchat the evening of 12 January and shared with his followers his plans with actress Famous In Love. We see Bella wearing a sexy pajama and both seemed very close. In addition, Sam took Bella Thorne photo and the woman stands before a mirror. On this one it says “Hello you, So pretty” and YouTuber uploaded caption “True” to increase its enrollment. Best of all, Sam Pepper shared a photo of his hand holding the Bella Thorne . There is almost no doubt about this new romance. Mysterious tweets had also suggested a new flirt for Bella. On January 9, she tweeted : “He is so talented” . Was it Sam that she was talking about? It is very possible. Until we have confirmation, find out if you are a true fan of Bella Thorne! What do you think of his new romance?