Bella Thorne: Tyler Posey, Scott Disick, she says everything about her sex life!

Entertainment 19 July, 2017

Between the drama of Charlie Puth’s tweets linked and Tyler Posey and her hot photos with Scott Disick, Bella Thorne was big! The young woman has confided in her sex life in full live …

One thing is for sure, the romance between Scott Disick and Bella Thorne has made a lot of ink in recent weeks. Very close to Los Angeles, the young woman accompanied the ex of Kourtney Kardashian in the south of France for a few days. But here, these little holidays have not really been to the taste of the actress of the series Famous In Love. Moreover, Scott Disick, who seduced Bella Thorne by his romanticism, quickly hasten to find one, two … in short, several other young ladies to complete his trip. Today, Bella Thorne has returned to her idyll with The Lord but not only. In a recent interview, she also returned to her clash with Charlie Puth.

On the one hand, if Bella Thorne confirms that she never had any sexual relationship with Scott Disick, the photos taken during his stay in Cannes seem to prove the opposite. In parallel, the young woman returned to her break with Tyler Posey which she describes as “the hardest separation she has ever lived”. Some time later, she appeared to stick-tighten with Charlie Puth. Subsequently, the singer discovered an old news about his girlfriend saying it again in couple with Tyler Posey. It was at this time that the series of incendiary tweets made its appearance. Very angry, Bella Thorne, who is a completely WTF actress, has done everything to join the star, without success. Like what, a simple phone call could have changed everything!