Bella Thorne with her new guy?

Entertainment 31 January, 2017

Would the actress, Bella Thorne, have already found love? She spends a lot of time with a mysterious guy …
For several months, the emotional life of Bella Thorne is somewhat hectic. While it was believed happy with Tyler Posey, it is discovered in the arms of a singer that is well known. Yes, Bella Thorne forgot his ex Charlie Puth . However, it seems that the star was not aware of what was actually going on. The woman she misled the hottie Teen Wolf with the interpreter of “One Call Away” ? In any case, Charlie Puth wanted to explain his Twitter account and did not hesitate to tackle Bella Thorne. Today it is found in the arms of another man. But then, who is this mysterious guy with whom she spends her days young woman?
If there is one person who could not be missed on the streets of Los Angeles yesterday, it is Bella Thorne. The star dared the rainbow look on the Santa Monica side. In parallel, she was seen in the company of a mysterious young man with blue hair. Is he his new boyfriend? Anyway, as you can see from the photos by clicking HERE , the mysterious boy already knows the sister Bella Thorne , Dani, as they spent the afternoon together. In any case, one thing is certain, this mysterious person does not look like (former?) Boyfriend Bella Thorne . Remember, a few days ago, she unveiled a photo where she held the hand of a tattooed guy … Case to follow!