Ben Affleck evokes his past mistakes: he “paid the price” for his fame

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

Currently in full promotion of his next film, Live By Night , Ben Affleck has indulged a few secrets about his past and the evolution of its future project in the skin of Batman.

The year 2017 will be responsible for Ben Affleck . It soon will play a villain in Live By Night , which is due out on 18 January cinema, then will play in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice in March. Father of three children, Violet, 11, Seraphina, 7 and Sam, 4 years , Ben Affleck has to juggle between filming and family gatherings. A daily not always easy to manage for the actor 44 years old. And the output of these next two films is the opportunity for him to take stock of his life and especially about his past acting: “I always had a fixed idea about my values and the direction I wanted to take , he told The Guardian . And then I became famous and it completely turned me over. When you are a 20 year old, it is partly because of the mistakes you make that you learn. I made mistakes, in front of everyone instead of keeping it in private. When I remember some things in the past, it makes me grimace, but I have always tried to treat people well. My parents taught me that, and the mistakes I made were very embarrassing. ”
No doubt he refers to her difficult separation – and tumultuous – Jennifer Garner , after more than ten year relationship and several rumors of deceit. Despite a disappointment in love, Ben Affleck chained success the past two years, with the release of several successful feature films, including Gone Girl , Suicide Squad or Mr. Wolff . A significant evolution for the actor who draws a positive balance of his career: “I was lucky, my wildest dreams came true (…) But you become a public person and that changes everything. You have to pay the price and I’m at peace with that. ”
While waiting to find Ben Affleck movies, the actor continues to think about his participation in the upcoming Batman as a director. In addition to the doubts emitted by the beautiful boy, Warner still has not confirmed a date of release of the film, nor synopsis and still less title for this future project. Case to follow so …