Benin: Lassa fever resurfaces in Tchaourou

Health 1 March, 2017

With a media release on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, Health Minister Alassane Seidou confirmed the return of lassa virus fever in Benin.

This time, it erupted in the northern part of the country, precisely in the commune of Tchaourou where it already caused the dead.

Indeed, the Minister of Health in his statement expressed the government’s deep condolences to the grieving families before reassuring the Beninese people that steps are being taken to circumscribe the evil.

In addition, he mentioned that there are effective treatments for this disease. Concerning the precautions to be taken, Alassane Seidou invited everyone to visit the nearest health center as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear, which are manifested by fevers, vomiting, headache And others, to strengthen hygiene measures in homes and to avoid contact with infected persons, as well as the handling and consumption of raz.