Benjamin Castaldi : After his eldest son Julien, his other son, Simon, (age 17), and Enzo (13 years) might make of the tv – Gala

Entertainment 19 August, 2017


In an interview filled with emotion and secrets, Benjamin Castaldi told about his son and his pride to see the last two become certainly facilitators to the tv.

In the family Castaldi, the future is already mapped out and placed under the sign of the small screen. In an interview touching given to our confreres Closer, Benjamin Castaldi has displayed his happiness. The Centre of his love, his wife Aurore Aleman to join him soon on tv sets since she is going to become a columnist of the Key not at my post, the pioneering program presented by Cyril Hanouna on C8. The two lovebirds should, therefore, now discuss all the news from the small window. And their children might follow the path : that is, in any case, the mind of a dad filled.

The eldest son Castaldi, Julien, already has a career facilitator busy, as he currently serves on NRJ12 as a chronicler of the Mad Mag. After delivery noticed in TPMP in December 2016, everything seems to smile at the young man who will celebrate his 21 years in September. According to Benjamin Castaldi, the other two sons will follow the footsteps of their father and their big brother. ” I am very proud of Julian ! I think it will not be the only one of my children to do the tv show. His little brother Simon (17 years old) is ready, and Enzo (13 years), should not deviate from the rule,” said the one who was the target of internet users, and says he is ready to close its accounts to no longer suffer the violence of some of the comments.

“Sometimes, I am the limit to meet the users who criticize so vociferously. It’s so unfair” was entrusted to the facilitator. There can be no doubt, Benjamin Castaldi will be able to give good advice to his children who could suffer them-also in the throes of the celebrity.

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Benjamin Castaldi, Julien Castaldi

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