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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


A member of the close team of columnists gathered around Cyril Hanouna in the show not Touch my post!, Benjamin Castaldi has taken advantage of its passage to the antenna of the les Grandes Gueules de RMC to the defense of his boss.

Last season and in Key not at my post! (TPMP) has known a large success of audience. The issuance of Cyril Hanouna is, however, often found in the viewfinder of the CSA and some people, under attack for his remarks allegedly homophobic, humiliation presumed to be its chroniclers, and his jokes are sometimes considered in bad taste. Two weeks before the launch of the new season of TPMP on C8, one of the actors from the show, Benjamin Castaldi, took advantage of his visit on the plateau of les Grandes Gueules de RMC to the defense of his employer. According to him, Cyril Hanouna is referred to by many critics because it causes a strong jealousy in the French audiovisual landscape.

Cyril Hanouna bother because it is a television for all the world, is accessible, has the merit of entertainment and it has no other pretension than that, writes Benjamin Castaldi. It also bothers because it has a base of 5 million fans on Twitter and that every evening there are between 1 and 1.4 million viewers. “Other critics, rather than the content of the show, are to are mind-boggling affected in its contracts with the one that his friends affectionately nicknamed Baba. Once again, Benjamin Castaldi scans these remarks of a reverse of hand. “It is always the same, he says. Everyone gets upset because the people earn the money. Cyril Hanouna has, of course, a contract for 250 million euros, but he is working a crowd of about fifty people, it creates emissions, it uses studios, recalls the ex-leader of the Loft. From the moment you make people work I do not see or is the problem. When an actor makes $ 20 million in America, it does work 3000 people and, on his behalf, he brought millions of people to the cinema.

These critics, Benjamin Castaldi remembers very well have also been the target. In the eyes of the chronicler, the politically correct prevents them from moving forward. “Everything is controversial, he believes today. You can’t say it, we can do nothing, there will always be someone to say that you are a ‘big con’. Whatever you do, it must be justified “. If he concedes that there are “sometimes blunders” , the husband of Aurore Aleman think that Cyril Hanouna “gets hit from everywhere” because he is the figurehead of a huge device.

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