Benoit Hamon sermonized by his mother following the debates of the primary

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Benoit Hamon can count on his mother to make him a return after his televised passages. The candidate told our colleagues from Paris Match that she had sent him an SMS admonishments during the debate of the primary left.

His first criticism is his mother. Benoît Hamon’s mother follows attentively her son’s performances in the presidential campaign. So she does not hesitate to lecture him when she notices a misstep. In front of his television, Breton mom sent him this SMS: ” Stand up straight and do not bend the leg! “Can we learn in the columns of Paris Mach .
One who refused to participate in the intimate Ambitions issue protects his personal life. On its website benoithamon2017 we read in the biography that his mother worked as a secretary, they lived in Saint Renan north of Brest, in Dakar, Senegal and Kremlin Bicetre near Paris. Benoit Hamon speaks little of his companion, Gabrielle Guallar , with whom he PACS and had two daughters. For two years, she holds a position in the direction of luxury group LVMH , as head of public affairs.
Winner of the second debate of the Left on January 19 according to a poll for Atlantico , Benoît Hamon nevertheless wants the French continue to trust him, and if possible beyond January 22, day of the first round of the primary left . And he made clear in his way: ” I am not a love of passage, not a coup d ‘one evening . “