Benoit Magimel in the face of his demons : “With time one learns to protect themselves” – Gala

Entertainment 17 January, 2018


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His descent to the underworld is completed. Benoît Magimel is more in shape than ever, leaving behind him the problems of addiction and drug of an actor who could not bear his fame came too early.

A child ” became a star too soon “. This is how the director Olivier Marchal spoke to Benoît Magimel in November 2017, to try to explain the problems of addiction and drug of his friend. Two months earlier, the actor was admitted in police custody and confessed to want to “buy drugs” : since, he does everything to get back in the saddle. Go up the slope, after the descent into the underworld. In an interview with Télérama, he explains how his time spent on the plates of children has propelled to the worst.

“It gets so much attention and love – much more than in real life – that we were a little lost then. It is a tear, ” says the actor. Everybody says ” I will be seeing you “, but this is not true. Each is taken up by his work. This is not tragic, but it moves from a too-full in a big gap. For a kid, this is not easy. It can be quickly abused, emotionally. With time, one learns to protect themselves. On the trays now, if there are children, I try to keep an eye on them. “

After years of trying to combat his addictions without success, to the point that his wife left him because of drugs, Benoît Magimel seems to have now found the form. “I now have the forties, the right age, that of all the possible “, he says, full of hope.

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Benoît Magimel

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