Bernard de la Villardiere provokes anger after a report on Jerusalem

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

“Jerusalem, the holy city when tears” is the name of the last episode of exclusive survey on M6. Since the program’s release, Bernard de la Villardière has faced many complaints. The explanations.

Bernard was the Villardière this SundayBernard was the Villardière Sunday 18 December at the presentation of a new episode of ‘exclusive survey , dedicated to the city of Jerusalem. A program presented by the chain in these words: ” This is the most explosive city on the planet. Jerusalem Since last year, the holy city is experiencing a resurgence of violence between Jews and Muslims” The intifada knives. “Has already claimed more than 30 lives on the Israeli side, 200 on the Palestinian side, and in both camps extremists are gaining ground every day.”
The report, focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, provoked the wrath of the Jewish community in France. A demonstration was even organized in front of the station’s offices, bringing together some 20 Jewish and Christian organizations, including the organization Europe Israel. On social networks, viewers had denounced “an ambiguous presentation of the history in which the various Arab forces in the region have only been the succession of conflicts, without ever taking the initiative fights” , said the site of I24news .
Guest star in duplex on Monday evening in the evening newspaper of i24news, the reporter faced the criticism of Tel Aviv University’s political philosophy professor Michael Bar-Zvi in ​​the studio. “I look at the work. What I got was a documentary entirely dependent unfortunately, is full of inaccuracies factually, historically, geopolitically and adopted the semantics semantics.”
“One always tries to be as impartial as possible, even if it is extremely difficult with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because there is a hypersensitivity on both sides of the words you use and the choices you make editorially ” , has in turn responded to Bernard Villardière before accusing Michael Zvi Bar to have a” bias “.