Bernard Minier (Frozen): how the former customs official became a successful author

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

The author of the chilling thriller Frozen (XO Editions) , the free adaptation will air tonight on M6, Charles Berling and Julia Piaton – the daughter of Charlotte de Turckheim – in the role of captain Martin Servaz and Irene Ziegler, Has a style of its own. Meeting with a former customs official who became the French Stephen King.

“I admit that never, when I sent my manuscript, I would have imagined such a destiny. See Servaz and Hirtmann incarnated on the screen, my mental images come to life! Visions that I thought impossible to retranscribe even more. I was taped, but a worried hair too. An adaptation for TV is an adventure so full of pitfalls. There are so many things that could go wrong, “says the bestselling author in the press release of the TV channel. This was not the case, Frozen received the award for best TV series in the Fiction Festival of La Rochelle in 2016 to the delight of its performers  !
On his work table, a skull riddled with wheels symbolizing the mechanics of thought and imagination in motion. Next door, one of his many notebooks that never leave him. Novelist Bernard is also a painter in his spare time, and great reader with eclectic affinities: JD Salinger, Paul Auster , Jean-Paul Sartre, Haruki Murakami, Jules Verne …… The radius thrillers, its owners are James Ellroy and Jo Nesbø. We met him in the spring of 2015, in a suburban area in the suburbs of Paris. At the bottom of a street which has no poetics but its name – Joachim-Du-Bellay – a house without charm, set back. It is inhabited by Bernard Minier, the author of the chilling Frozen (XO Editions) translated into fourteen languages, sold more than 450,000 copies. His first novel, published in 2011. A master stroke for this 50-year-old customs official at the time. It is in a room of 9 square meters, located at the back of its pavilion, that its hero, the commander Martin Servaz, was born amid the books that saturate the walls: French and American classics, literature Spanish devour VO, comics and, of course, thrillers … ” Here is my bubble ,” smiles the writer from his chair high black folder that rotates to turn to his table And the unique window overlooking the garden. ” This is a special glass that totally isolates outside noise. I need absolute silence to write. ”
Bernard Minier who has just completed writing his fifth novel to be published in February 2017 (XO Editions) like to stick to reality to better pick his readers in the waking nightmares and he imagines he writes not that Here, in this retreat, from 7 am to 6 pm. By day, so … never by night.