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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


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Bernard Tapie has been referred to the correctional court in the case of Credit-Lyonnais Adidas. A new blow to the business man suffering from cancer of the stomach. A disease caused according to him, by his legal troubles.

Bernard Tapie has not finished with the justice system. The business man is referred to the correctional court in the matter of the arbitration controversial that enabled him to touch $ 404 million euros in 2008 to settle its dispute with Credit lyonnais.

A new judicial trial awaits the business man, already very experienced with a cancer of the stomach. A disease directly related to his legal troubles, according to him. Recently, a journalist had asked him if he was the victim of a strenuous effort on the part of the justice, to which he had retorted : “Olala, what a question! It’s my stomach that he should ask the question “.

In September 2016, Stéphane Tapie, the son of the business man had entrusted to RMC that his father was suffering from cancer. “It has ups and downs. This morning it was not going to be terrible, and this afternoon it went better and then tonight it will go less well probably but it is a part of the treatment.” Determined, the former boss of Olympique de Marseille at the age of 74 had proclaimed loud and clear : I’ll fight as I always have done “.The Face of the disease as the face of the justice, Bernard Tapie would have to be combative.

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Bernard Tapie

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