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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


Tuesday 16 January, the little sister of Bertrand Cantat, Ann Cantat-Corsini, has died at the age of 47 years. She fought against cancer for several months.

Convicted for the murder of Marie Trintignant, Bertrand Cantat is again hit by a death. His little sister, Ann Cantat-Corsini died at the age of 47 years. According to information from our colleagues in the regional newspaper Sud-Ouest, the photographer bordeaux fought against the disease. Married for fifteen years with Bruno Corsini, Ann Cantat-Corsini was also a mom full of two children.

The image of his two brothers, Bertrand and Xavier Cantat, Ann-Cantat-Corsini was passionate about art : “driven by passion and the love of poetry “, one can read about South-West. The music, film and photography for the other two. And Ann-Cantat-Corsini has taken several hats during his career : location manager on the film, Joan of Arc directed by Luc Besson, actress in Native Rachid Bouchareb, or assistant to the director on Total Kheops by Alain Bévérini. But photography remained one of his first passions : she had been rewarded for his exhibition “Breathe” on the theme of nature and landscapes. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that since the 2nd of November last, his work was honoured at the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez in Bordeaux.

On his account Instagram, followed by nearly 2,000 subscribers, the artist shared photos of his universe, of his many travels around the world, but also rare photos of his children.

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