Bertrand Cantat will not be deprogrammed : “He has a history of ugly, but he has served his sentence” – Gala

Entertainment 24 January, 2018

Bertrand Cantat

The musician has been deprogrammed of the festival Les Escales Saint-Nazaire where it was supposed to be the 29th July next. But this decision does not snowball, festivals Ardèche Aluna and Garorock have kept the name of Bertrand Cantat in their programming.

On August 1, 2003, the actress Marie Trintignant dies as a result of the blows of his companion, Bertrand Cantat. Since then, he has served his prison sentence and, after a few years of silence, returned to the music. Last fall, the artist came out his first solo album since drama. But since the One from the magazine Les Inrocks and the controversy that followed, Bertrand Cantat has halted the promotion of his album and the planned tour.

The next summer, his presence had been advertised on a number of festivals of music, but to the ports of Saint Nazaire, the singer has since been deprogrammed. Mayor David Samzun is expressed through an open letter against the coming of the singer and the festival’s management has explained : “In this context, we have therefore taken the decision to cancel the coming of Bertrand Cantat. We are keen to ensure that the festival remains a space of conviviality where the diversity, the coexistence and humanistic values remain at the heart of our project. “

But the Festivals Ardèche Aluna and Garorock, in which the singer must also occur this summer have affirmed their desire to keep the artist in their programming. Quoted by the newspaper Le Parisien Didier Viricel, the director of the festival Ardèches Aluna continues : “If the mayor of Ruoms, our town, asks me to deprogram, I will answer him that this is not possible. We know Bertrand for years, we have made play its group Detroit in 2014. We have renewed our confidence. He has a history of ugly. It is a case of conscience for us but he has served his sentence. “

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