Between Anna Todd: The sequel to the saga After arrives in bookstores!

Art 15 November, 2016

anna-todd-after-between-librairie-exclu-critiqueThe big day has finally arrived. After following the saga to life on Thursday, November 3rd. The new novel by Anna Todd, “Between” today arrives in bookstores …

FINALLY ! After several months of waiting, the final novel in the saga After happens today bookseller. Is this really the last book of Anna Todd? The editorial of melty offers a little surprise in the day … In this Thursday, November 3, “Between” Anna Todd, you could discover excluded in the first pages , made his big appearance. This time, we focus on the troubled life of Landon. People appreciated by readers, the emotional life of Scott Hardin’s half brother knows an unexpected denouement. Yes, in this new book, Landon has to make a crucial choice . Does he listen to his heart remaining with Dakota, the crush of all time, or answer his passions with the beautiful Nora, aka Sophia? We had the chance to devour the latest novel Anna Todd, “Between” , discover in our criticism. So is this latest installment to the previous height?

Between finally made his grand entrance in bookstores!
The answer is yes ! As for the different volumes of After , it is hard not to finish it in one sitting. The twists in “Between” happen to us when we least expected. From the first pages, we are immersed in the heart of torment in which is Landon. In parallel, we navigate through the various storms couple Hessa. The presence of mythical characters of Anna Todd give a new look to this final installment. Obviously, we’re not going to hide the meltyautes, rogues passages worthy of the novels of EL James, are many. In “Between”, all shots are allowed between the two loves of Landon. However, unexpected events will rush things and upsetting forever his future. In any case, “Between” is a real success . It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to these characters who forever changed the life of the American writer. One thing is certain, we wait to see the movie After Daniel Sharman, Indiana Evans and Gregg Sulkin next year.