Beyonce: Adele imitates it, and it’s hilarious

His fan number 1! Adele embarks on a hilarious imitation Beyoncé in full concert …
Soon a collaboration between Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran ? The two artists are close, and it seems that the singer is very enthusiastic to the idea of ​​singing alongside Queen Bey! This is what he said in an interview for the People site: “After singing with Beyoncé, I would say that she is always at the top of my list. To be standing close to her on stage makes me more beautiful – just because she is really extraordinary at this point.It has all that aura around her that is pure talent.Repeating with her, hearing her sing So close is just something wonderful.Even if my career ended tomorrow, I would always be able to tell my little children that I could sing with Beyoncé. Everyone will remember her as one of the best . ” And it’s not Adele who will say the opposite! As the Daily Mail reports , the British singer paid a hilarious tribute to Beyoncé during her last concert In Melbourne.
Indeed, the interpreter of Someone Like You began by demonstrating his sense of habitual self-deception: “I do not look like the image you can see on the screen. Plains, you really have the worst places, you see what I really look like ” . Adele then chained by imitating the famous hair flip of Beyoncé facing a fan, all while undulating. A very successful imitation that unfortunately did not last long! In real life the two artists are close and never hesitate to sing the praises of each other in interview, and for Adele it would seem that the mother of Blue Ivy is a model. It must be said that since the beginning of his solo career in 2001, The popularity of Queen Bey has only grown and she has now reached icon status! A success that also translates on a personal level: Beyoncé expects twins , and she is more radiant than ever … What do you think of this video?

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