Beyonce and Jay-Z: Their twins still hospitalized

Entertainment 26 June, 2017

The delivery of Beyoncé remained very mysterious. Still, it seems that the twins are still in the hospital. Find out why!
Beyonce gave birth to her twins several days ago . However, everything was done in the greatest of silences. The exact day had been kept secret and even the first names of his children remain only rumors. When will the Carter family make an official announcement? In any case, some information has been communicated and it seems that the twins of Beyoncé and Jay-Z are always in the hospital . Queen B gave birth prematurely, which is not worrying when it comes to twins, but in addition to being still fragile, both babies would have jaundice, a common disease in newborns . For the time being, they would therefore always be under medical observation.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still facing problems due to the premature birth of their twins . Sources told TMZ that a few days ago, the infants were still in the hospital. They added that the twins were “under light” , to overcome their jaundice and thus decrease their bilirubin levels. Fortunately, this is nothing serious but it must be treated. Doctors would not want to let children out until they are stabilized and can be understood. The date of release would not be communicated at the moment. We hope that the tips of cabbages will soon recover and that the small family will be able to take full advantage of his new life. While waiting for new information about Beyoncé, discover the ten most beautiful photos of pregnancy Queen B! What do you think ?