Beyoncé and Jay Z welded and happy, Kim Kardashian admires their couple

Entertainment 7 July, 2017

Despite the ups and downs of their marriage, Beyoncé and Jay Z have always stayed together. A force that Kim Kardashian admires!

While no one expected it, Jay Z unveiled 4:44, his brand new album. In other words, Internet users quickly complimented the rapper on social networks. This unreleased album was long awaited and the fans of the artist were not disappointed. But what has not failed to attract attention, are the revelations of Blue Ivy’s dad. For cause, when we linger on the words of the song 4:44, we have this strong impression that Jay Z confirms his infidelity. If his relationship with Beyoncé has often been linked to rumors of adultery, the title of the musician appears as a true admission on his part. “If my children knew it, I do not know what I would do, if they did not look at me like I used to, I would die of shame, why do you want a threesome when you have a soul mate? “Leave me alone, Becky,” he sings. But in spite of this difficult period, the Carter-Knowles couple did not separate and this, to the delight of their fans. But not only…

We know that the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé has never been the best. Friends or enemies, hard to know what really is being developed between the two celebrities. What is certain is that at this moment, the atmosphere is not in the beautiful place. And yet, according to the latest information relayed by Hollywood Life, North’s mother would be very admiring the couple formed by Queen B and Hova. And even if Jay Z has killed Kanye West in his new album, the reality TV star could not help but be impressed by the rapper’s frankness. “Kim did not like Jay Z too much but Kanye is admiring to see how he and Beyoncé have exposed their relationship to come out even stronger … She compares her idyll to theirs and Kanye and she could have thrown away the” Sponge for a long time but like Jay and Bey, they fought for their marriage to last and now they are really happy, “says the source. That’s good news. Will the next step be reconciliation between the four celebrities? To be continued in the next episode ! And you, do you understand Kimmie’s reaction?