Beyoncé and Jay-Z will soon introduce their twins?

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Beyoncé gave birth almost a month ago, but the twins are still kept in closed house. However, it seems Queen B and Jay-Z have found the perfect time to show off their offspring!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the happy parents of twins. If the couple is in heaven, Blue Ivy, their 5 year old daughter, would also be under the spell of her little brother and her little sister. At the same time, we imagine that they are adorable, so it is impossible not to crack. In addition, Beyoncé and Jay-Z would overprotect their children. However, if Sir and Rumy are on everyone’s lips, we have not yet had the honor of discovering their adorable faces. But then, when will the young parents introduce their babies? It seems they have already chosen!

One source made revelations at Hollywood Life and Beyoncé and Jay-Z would already know when to introduce their twins. She said, “Beyonce wants everything to be absolutely perfect before she presents her babies.” They were premature, and her main concern from day one was to feed them and make sure all their needs were met. But she does not like them to be impatient to see them in relation to the health of her babies.Jay is 100% supportive.This pregnancy was harder than the first, so she wants to make sure Feeling well before she became public, she’s on the right track, but Bey is a perfectionist, she’s already lost a lot of weight, but she’s not completely comfortable in her body, It feels like it’s where it should be, everybody will just have to wait. ” You’ll understand, we’ll have to wait a little longer, but in the meantime, discover how Beyoncé feels after her delivery!