Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry … Ten girl power songs for the Women’s March

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

The event this weekend was the Women’s March in the USA! To honor all these women, focus on 10 songs power girl with Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry …
The women wrote a new page of history this weekend with the Women’s March. From Washington DC to New York via Los Angeles, millions of women demonstrated in the aftermath of the inauguration of Donald Trump to defend their civil rights and challenge the power of the new president of the United States . According to preliminary estimates, more than 3 million people (mostly women) participated in the march, making it the largest gathering on a day in the history of the USA. Just that ! And among the various rallies around the country, there were many personalities present for the Women’s March: it is Katy Perry who will soon return with his new album , Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Pink, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Ariana Grande which have expected the Dangerous Woman Tour forward , the HAIM sisters, Madonna made a controversial speech for Donald Trump, Cher, Amy Schumer, Demi Lovato, Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Troye Sivan, Jamie Lee Curtis … The list is very long. Others like Taylor Swift , Britney Spears or Beyoncé gave their support on social networks. On this occasion, offers you to listen to ten songs that preach the girl power!
Beyonce – “Run The World (Girls)”
Everything is already said in the title. In 2011, when she already ruled the world, Beyoncé hit hard by releasing the single “Run The World (Girls)” which is obviously a feminist anthem. It marks a turning point in his career because it was one of the first times the superstar politicized his music. We wanted to “Training” in the same vein, but ultimately it is the latter that prevailed.
Katy Perry – “Roar”
“Hear me roar” , this weekend the Woman’s March was the opportunity to see several signs that have taken the words of several tubes of Katy Perry. Present at the Women’s March in Washington DC, the singer has always shown her support for women. And “Roar” is a perfect anthem to regain self-confidence!
Madonna – “Express Yourself”
The girl power in the pure state! That marked a whole generation of women, “Express Yourself” will probably remain one of the most legendary clips of the Queen of Pop. More than twenty years after its release, the message is always the same: to express oneself freely and to be oneself in spite of the barriers imposed by society.
Selena Gomez – “Who Says
Like all children-stars, Selena Gomez knew a period of her life where her entourage dictated to her how to act and how to be in public. Constantly judged for his actions or appearance, the young pop star was released on touching “Who Says” which simply says that nobody has the right to tell you who you are and who you need to be.
Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – “Bang Bang”
With this planetary tube, Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj redefined the girl power! Being sexy and giving free rein to her desires is also feminism in 2017. We would love to have another surprise trio take over in the coming months. And thought we were quite concerning groups that dream of seeing form of several stars .
Fifth Harmony – “That My Girl”
A song sung by women, for women! With “That’s My Girl” , the Fifth Harmony – such as Destiny’s Child in their day – teach the young generation to be strong and independent. Everything we love!
Britney Spears – “Stronger”
In response to his first hit “… Baby One More Time” , Spears was displayed stronger than ever in “Stronger” . The words “My loneliness ain ‘t killing me no more” still echo in us as at first listen. A girl power anthem before the time and that song could summarize the career of superstar who has had to be strong for many Times.
Taylor Swift – “Blank Space”
After undergoing several misogynist attacks, Taylor Swift has had enough of having to defend the media and preferred to change tactics exiting “Blank Space” and consciously playing the role of “the wicked.” A classic of its discography which obviously had success he deserved: “Got a long list of ex-lovers / They’ll tell you I’m insane / But I’ve got a blank space, baby / And I ‘ ll write your name ” .
Alicia Keys – “Girl On Fire”
“She’s just a girl and she’s on fire” , a title that will undoubtedly speak for all women of this world. Another powerful and touching hymn to women by Alicia Keys. One would have imagined the artist take this tube in front of the White House if Hillary Clinton had won the American elections.
Aretha Franklin – “Respect”
The base. As originally written and sung by Otis Redding, “Respect” became a feminist anthem as soon as it was taken over by Aretha Franklin that just requires a little “respect” from his lover. A must-have tube for all amateurs of girl power! What feminist hymns do you adore?