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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


Beyoncé gave birth to twins last June. Two months after their arrival, the singer has the chance to be able to rely on his eldest to take care of them. According to the magazine People, Blue Ivy helps all the days his mother to the care of her brother and her sister during their vacation in Malibu.

Beyoncé is lucky to have a daughter like Blue Ivy. After the birth of Sir and Rumi, two months ago, the singer must blend family life and professional life. The star has already started to show on social networks in great shape, with a statuesque figure, just a few weeks after his birth. A perfect plastic that has asked for a few training sessions-intensive that the star keeps its line. The result is praised by the users, impressed to see the Queen B unchanged.

In this context, Blue Ivy is a relief without equal. According to the magazine People, one close to the couple said that Blue Ivy takes her role of big sister very seriously, and maximum assistance for his mom. “Blue is the best big sister. It helps Beyoncé every day , “says the source. The family is currently on vacation in Malibu to enjoy the last day before the beginning of the school year the eldest of the couple.

The little girl had a small period of jealousy after the arrival of the two new-born babies. “She was very excited by the idea of babies before they arrive, but now that they are there, there is a little bit of jealousy. It has also been hard to have her mom in the hospital. Jay has been super with Blue, and the mother of Beyoncé was also there, to keep it. But it was still a bit hard for Blue to understand why his mom did not come home all night. Fortunately, Solange was there to help also. She has always been super with Blue. It has been a real rock during the entire pregnancy. Besides, she was in the room working with Bey, Jay and Tina “, told a source to the magazine Heat, last July. To keep only the best moments with their two babies, Beyoncé and Jay Z have made the choice to hire no fewer than 18 persons to ensure their safety and communication, among others.

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