Beyonce deceived by JAY-Z, he confirms his infidelity!

Entertainment 30 June, 2017

Has the long-awaited answer finally arrived? The rapper JAY-Z, who just released his new album 4:44, would confirm that he had deceived Beyoncé. His infidelity makes debate …
This is the phenomenon of this Friday. After several years of absence, the rapper JAY-Z has just revealed the music of his new album, 4:44 . If you have the feeling that it is the answer to the phenomenal Lemonade of his wife, Beyoncé, you are quite right. The Carter couple knows how to make the buzz and he proves it once more. This introspective album is already sinking a lot of inks for a few hours. Yes, in one of the many songs, JAY-Z seems to confirm her infidelity to Queen B. While the performers of “Drunk In Love” have just welcomed their twins, confirming JAY-Z’s deceit Seems to make a lot of noise .
In Lemonade , Beyoncé did not hesitate to talk about her couple problems. The singer even evoked a certain “Becky” with which her husband would have had an affair. All these undertones have finally a denouement. In 4:44 , JAY-Z declares that she was unconscious of the idea of ​​” almost letting go the best of women” . If he even seems to evoke the controversial episode of the lift with Bey’s sister Solange, it is without filter that he speaks of his hypothetical lover: ” If my children knew, I do not know what I would do If they do not look at me like before […] I would screw everything up if I was allowed to do it, leave me alone Becky! ” . Was the guilt too strong for the rapper? In any case, the Carter couple seems to have turned the page. Besides, Beyoncé and JAY-Z have just bought a huge luxurious villa on the Los Angeles side and are ready to settle in with Blue Ivy and their newborns.