Beyoncé deceived by Jay-Z: Marketing shot?

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

The scandals are selling and this is what happens to Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Since he admitted to having deceived her, the couple would have made quite a lot of positive publicity. We tell you more!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who are soon to present their twins, have everything to be happy. An international career, many talents, money and a perfect little family. Yes, but nothing is so perfect and they prove it. Recently, Jay-Z confessed to deceiving Beyoncé in his 4:44 album. However, it turns out that this misfortune was all beneficial for the most powerful couple of people. Indeed, their honesty allowed them to earn even more money and sell their brand. Marketing expert Eric Schiffer spoke with E! News and he gave them some confidences. Discover them immediately!

The expert explained that this betrayal was beneficial on the marketing and business side: “Taking stock of the troubled past of Jay-Z and Beyoncé has completely helped their brand, because what millennials are asking in 2017 for brands is to be 100% honest. ” He added that the young parents were well aware of their target: “Millennials are the most sophisticated generation and have the best control of technology, they always look for authenticity, they want stars to be sincere and do not tolerate impostures And communication operations. “. Although his behavior was inexcusable, confiding in his infidelity to Beyoncé, Jay-Z managed to touch his fans. They were honest and that is why they are so much loved!