Beyonce gave birth, the first letter of the names of the twins unveiled?

Entertainment 20 June, 2017

How will the children of Beyoncé and Jay Z be called? A new index on the first names of the twins has just been unveiled?
Anxiety rises in the BeyHive . For several days, all eyes are riveted to the hospital of Los Angeles where the couple of stars is still present. If the health of the singer is not in danger, we learn that that of her twins is questioned. Attention according to initial reports, Beyonce babies and Jay Z are always kept in the hospital for a few “minor complications.” Do we really have to worry? We say that if Bey’s father, Mathew Knowles , (with great awkwardness) announced the arrival of the twins Carter, it is because they are in full recovery. A mystery remains always. What will be the name of the Carter children? Has the first letter of their first names been unveiled?
This is THE big question that everyone is asking. Last Sunday, when we heard that Beyoncé had officially given birth , we discovered a woman wearing blue and pink balloons, with a card with the initials of “B + J” . If everyone obviously thought it was the names of Beyoncé and Jay Z, another theory has made the Web shudder. Well, the real name of the rapper is not Jay but Shawn Corey Card. But then, is the “B + J” the first letter of the Carter twins? What is more, one wonders if Queen B does not go, as for the Kardashian family, to choose a first name which begins with the same letter (Kim, Khloé, Kourtney …) and which pays tribute to his couple. Remember, Beyoncé has named her daughter “B” read Ivy. Business to meditate …