Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy: Here’s what they do every day!

Entertainment 9 March, 2017

You always wanted to know what life was like Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy? Well, there it is…
Since she announced her pregnancy, Beyonce is everywhere … but really! Whether it’s a basketball game or the preview of a long-awaited feature, it does not go unnoticed (at the same time, it’s Beyoncé what). Besides, to discover The Beauty and the Beast before everyone else, Queen B had put the package! The international singer and her daughter were dressed almost the same. At the same time, when one discovers the exorbitant price of the dress of Blue Ivy , one thinks that they could be tendency! After that ? You always wondered what the Carter family did on a daily basis? Well we have the answer. You are arrested right away, this is not going to sell you the dream …
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What does the couple do every day?
Even pregnant, Queen B keeps on partying! After the evening of the Oscars 2017 , the happy mother stayed at the after party until midnight! Hey, big mood! But when they are not having fun with the biggest stars in the world, Blue Ivy’s parents take care of them and their silhouette . As for the vast majority of celebrities, sport occupies quite a lot of their time. To meet Bey and Jay Z, you’ll have to go to West Hollywood at SoulCycle. Beyoncé may be pregnant with twins , but she wants to keep fit. Finally, if the couple is not preparing their next album or their world tour, he enjoys spending time with their little Blue Ivy .