Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry … these stars involved in politics!

Entertainment 7 May, 2017

Citizen, citizen … On this big day of the second round of the presidential election, it’s time to move your popotin and go vote (if you can). You do not really have any ideas? No biggie, the stars have already chosen for you. Yes, politics is a real showbiz and the ricans know it very well …
The big day is finally here! At the end of the day, we will know the identity of the new President of the French Republic. If this year again, the debates were quite hot potato, it’s nothing compared to our American friends. When they support a candidate, they go strong! T-shirt, posters, flag … in short, the States what! So yes, you may feel like you’re in an episode of House of Cards most of the time, but you have to admit it’s pretty stylish. And our dear friends of politics know that to win the heart of their country, they must have the hearts of the stars. Yes, on the other side of the Atlantic, politics is like the showbiz. Either you get to entertain and it works, or you go home Enrico Macias (Gad Elmaleh, get out of this body). As we saw in the last presidential election in the United States, the two candidates for the White House, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were supported by many celebrities . Engaged like ja-ja, these people went to the ring to put their opponent KO …
Katy Perry
Between Katy Perry, who is angry at Orlando Bloom , and Hillary Clinton, it was a true love story! FYI, the singer still sent the candidate shoes she had imagined in her honor #BFF, normal what! The interpreter of “Bon appétit” also gave a show a few days before the election … of Donald Trump! Yes, sorry Katy!
Kanye West
Only a few days after the election of Donald Trump, the rapper Kanye West went to meet him in the Trump Tower in New York. Between a corner smile and warm embrace, the president-elect seemed very happy with the star’s support. This would even have given some ideas to the interpreter of “Famous”. Kanye for 2020? That means Kim K in First Lady … Um … yeah but no! In any case, this meeting did not really please his dear and tender.
Kim Kardashian
Eeeh yes, Kim K saw red! On the Web, the star of reality TV The Incredible Kardashian Family has clearly expressed its support for Hillary Clinton. When she learned that Kanye had gone to meet Donald Trump, she really was, but then really not happy! Well, for a while, she made flippers his fans with a post that said the opposite. Unlike her husband, Kim Kardashian supported Hillary Clinton. Sorry also Kim!
Jean Claude Van Damme
What? You were not aware that Jean-Claude Van Damme was for Donald Trump ? The Belgian actor, who visited the Grand Journal in March 2016, said: “Donald Trump is a gentleman who does business, who loves his country, who loves his people . ” We say thank you who? Thank you Jean-Claude for your analysis! Here, there you go
To support Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, about to give birth , and her husband Jay Z have seen things big! The most famous couple in the world had organized a huge support concert in Cleveland in honor of the Democratic candidate. While many celebrities made a short appearance during the show, it was Queen B’s speech that marked the spirits: “We must think about the future of our daughters and sons, and vote for someone who holds To them as much as we ourselves, and that is why I am behind her . ” Admit, you have a little tear to the eye!
Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady
The doubt still hangs over one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood. In an interview, President Donald Trump made it clear that the quaterback supported him loud and clear: “I said ‘Tom, if you support me, can I say it publicly tonight in front of this huge crowd of New Hampshire? ‘ He replied, ‘If you want to say, then say so ” . Woven fabric or hidden truth? A few days later, beautiful Gisele made big eyes and tweeted a message claiming she was against the Republican candidate’s program. Coincidence? Come on, we leave them the benefit of the doubt!