Beyonce named to the Grammy Awards 2017, the coronation of Lemonade is expected

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

While the race for the Grammy Awards began, Beyonce is still in the lead thanks to his album Lemonade. We tell you more!
She is not sorry . As we returned to the biggest hits of Rihanna ( “Diamonds,” Stay “,” We Found Love “) just yesterday, there is another who may continue to make a name for one time. this is obviously Beyonce! More than ever at the center of all the great events of this year (Super Bowl, VMAs, touring, record sales, etc.), the interpreter of “Sorry” should start the ‘2017 Queen as it is since it is named no less than 9 times the upcoming Grammy Awards. and if the competition is tougher than ever (Adele, Justin Bieber and Drake are not here to joke), Beyonce still has an edge. The reason? His album Lemonade !
More than acclaimed by the critics, the record did not fail to make a cardboard with the public. Rolling Stone magazine awarded the maximum rating when it debuted last April while on Metacritic, 92% of users are completely gaga. And as if that were not enough, the readers Billboard voted for their favorite album this year and the mother of Blue Ivy is doing handily. Specifically, the album Lemonade collected 34.82% of the vote , making the Picnic in The Life of Pablo Kanye West (3.41%) and Coloring Book of Chance the Rapper (3.35%). Already sold 2.6 million copies worldwide, sales of Lemonade should not slow down when approaching February 12, when the Grammy Awards 2017. And while Justin Bieber hopes to grab some awards to those Grammys , It goes without saying that Beyoncé should finish the evening as the big winner of this 59th edition.
Containing hits such as “Training” (3 nominations), “Hold Up” (1 nomination), “Freedom” (1 nomination), “Do not Hurt Yourself” (1 nomination), “Sorry” , “Daddy Lessons ” or ” All Night ” , Lemonade is undoubtedly the most important album (if not the best) this year 2016 . Alongside Drake and The Weeknd, Beyonce has not only achieved one of the best starts of the year but also proposed a record where all his inspirations blend perfectly. Mix of pop, reggae, blues, rock, soul, country, electronica and trap music, Lemonade is proof that being a gifted and well surrounded tad, it is hard to miss! Thank you Queen B. And you, what do you think of Beyoncé?