Beyonce poses naked pregnant on new sexy photos!

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

A real Egyptian queen! On new photos, Beyonce takes the pose, naked and pregnant, with her daughter.
The news fell last night! While she was conspicuously absent for several months, Beyoncé announced her pregnancy on the Web . For a surprise, it’s a surprise! The singer seems to have programmed everything from the beginning. She is found on a flowerbed, in little dress, and unveiling her baby bump. Carter couple is happy to finally share this great news . The little Blue Ivy will be able to take care of these two new members of the family. Oh yeah, you did not know? Queen B is expecting twins. Bets on the sex of babies is open. The new now unveiled, Bey has more to hide . Moreover, only a few hours before announcing her pregnancy, she appears naked for an ultra sexy photoshoot. The setting is perfect scene .
Make way for Queen Beyonce! It is in an Egyptian decor that we find the international star in fine lingerie. The illusion is perfect! Queen B is back and it proves, once again, it manages its communication to perfection. Therefore it is discovered, lying on bed with oriental motifs, studded with flowers, alone or in company of his daughter, Blue Ivy , or half naked, covering her chest. Once again, the colors blue and pink predominate in this photoshoot. Sublime images in black and white, or the young woman in the water, also make sensation on the Web. Beyoncé recently she reveal the sex of her baby or she is trying to mislead his fans? The mystery still hangs. In any case, this ultra sexy photoshoot Mrs. Carter will make talk about it! Obviously, these pictures are also a roundabout way to prove that she is indeed pregnant. Remember, the rumors about his “false” pregnancy for Blue Ivy had made the buzz on the Web. So, what do you think of this new Beyoncé photoshoot?