Beyoncé pregnant: A woman parodies and makes the buzz on the Web!

Entertainment 19 July, 2017

Beyoncé introduced his twins via Instagram. His cliché inspired a young mother whose parody made the buzz on the Web.

A few days ago, Beyoncé unveiled the first photo of his twins to celebrate the month of little Rumi and Sir. This shot has already harvested nearly 10 million likes on Instagram and many reactions. But if Beyonce makes the buzz on the Web, it is not the only one. A young mother, living in County Cork, Ireland, has also given birth to twins. Sharon Kellaway was inspired by the American singer by recreating the photoshoot in her garden as can be seen HERE. Mom is surrounded by her 5-month-old twins, Senan and Zoe. “I saw the picture and thought it was great so I put on a pink blanket and made it my own version,” said Sharon Kellaway at the BBC. “It’s my daughter Megan, who will be 6 years old Sunday, who took the picture,” she added.

However, Sharon Kellaway did not expect to make the buzz by parodying Beyoncé’s photo. “It was not supposed to be that big, I just put a pink blanket to laugh and send it to my husband and my friends in Canada,” she said. However, one of his friends found the picture very successful and decided to share it on social networks. Immediately, the young mother then made the buzz! Since then, her phone has not stopped and she is even making headlines. “It’s going crazy, I’ve been on air in Canada and Australia this morning.” If this is a bit “oppressive” for the young mother, she takes it all the same with a smile. Beyoncé, who recently made her first public appearance since the birth of the twins, could well be stole the spotlight by this Irish mother!