Beyonce pregnant, Angelina Jolie replaces Brad Pitt, Kourtney Kardashian deceived: The recap ‘people of the week!

Entertainment 3 February, 2017

Between babies, betrayals, reconciliations and love stories, this week has not really been quiet for Beyonce, the former Brangelina or Kourtney Kardashian. Discover the recap people of the last 7 days!
The star of this week is obviously Beyonce! The singer confirmed her pregnancy via her Instagram account . Queen B and Jay-Z are expecting twins soon which not only delighted the fans but also the rest of the planet celebrities who congratulated the Carters. In addition, the photo of Beyoncé has broken records on Instagram and took the opportunity to dethrone Selena Gomez. Is not Queen B that wants! As for Kim Kardashian, would she be pregnant? The young woman raises doubt. In any case, it will have to wait a bit before announcing her pregnancy that might have gone unnoticed against that of Beyoncé. For his part, it seems that Scott Disick decided to break again the heart of Kourtney Kardashian. He was seen very close to two women in Miami that he did not hesitate to embrace and cuddle. Scott Disick’s escapades they are used to boost the hearings of the Kardashians ? One thing is certain, Khloé Kardashian is increasingly concerned for his sister who seems nevertheless keep smiling. As for Kendall Jenner, she did not hesitate to attack one of Scott Disick’s new conquests. It gets hot with the Kardashian!
The ex-Brangelina have been very busy these days! They would have entered into a new arrangement to complete the divorce proceedings as soon as possible. If there were many rumors that Brad Pitt would be a couple with Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie would have already replaced her ex-husband with another super star, Jared Leto. And yes, the former Brangelina have turned the page so that Brad Pitt got rid of the affairs of his ex-wife. As for Angelina Jolie , she would adopt a child 7th. But if the week was busy, this did not stop the actress from tackling Donald Trump in an open letter! Kate Middleton, for her part, would refuse to meet the current president of the United States. It’s a half-hearted week for Kylie Jenner who will soon get her wax statue but has been clashing on her physique by Enjoy Phoenix. However, the young woman would have enough to be at the angels because Tyga would have asked her hand to Kris Jenner. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga supports the couple formed by Selena Gomez and The Weeknd while Justin Bieber would do anything to avoid them. One thing is certain, the lovebirds seem to be more in love than ever and have even formalized their relationship on Instagram .
Would Drake still be in love with Rihanna? A video has sowed the doubt! However, the rapper seems determined to prove his love to Jennifer Lopez. He would thus consider covering his common tattoo with Rihanna with the first name of J-Lo. But beware, the singer has appeared very close to an ex of Nina Dobrev. Would there be water in the gas between Drake and Jennifer Lopez? Possible! While Bella Thorne is displayed with a new boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder categorically refuse to talk to Nina Dobrev. This could be problematic on the set of The Vampire Diaries . For his part, Johnny Depp would be completely ruined and forced to sell his house in France then that Amber Heard is always more fulfilling and spent his holidays with family. It will also be remembered that Jamie Dornan shaved his head and displays a very different look! And finally crowing, Miss France 2016 was crowned Miss Universe in 2017 and is again congratulate. And you, what will you remember this week?