Beyonce pregnant, has she already confessed in secret?

Entertainment 17 May, 2017

This is the question everyone is asking! The delivery of Beyoncé had to take place these last days and we have no news of the star …
The suspense is intense! For several weeks, all eyes are turned towards Beyoncé and her baby bump . Yes, the international star is supposed to give birth to his twins during this period. One thing is for sure, Beyoncé is ready to give birth. On Instagram, the interpreter of “Single Ladies” unveiled his belly well rounded. Moreover, if Queen B had previously canceled her participation in the California festival Coachella, it is because she was likely to give birth to the new members of the Carter family in this period. For several days, Bey is again absent on the Web and no longer communicates . Does that mean that Beyoncé gave birth to her twins in the greatest secrets?
If Beyoncé has staged her pregnancy on social networks, but also during the musical events in a rather spectacular way, we can not wait to see what she is after. Yes, since her post announcing the arrival of the Carter twins, Beyoncé has presented herself as a goddess carrying life in her. So yes, it’s very poetic, but was not it a bit too much? In any case, the announcement of her confinement will, once again, be thought and studied very finely. We talk about Beyoncé there, anyway! Is it for this reason that Queen B has been absent for several weeks on the Web? The wife of Jay Z would have already given birth to her baby in the greatest secrets . Case to follow. In any case, For her delivery, Beyoncé made her diva with precise requirements. We must pay attention to the heirs of the Carter kingdom!