Beyonce pregnant, her father was not aware of her pregnancy

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

If Beyonce shared with the world her pregnancy, her own father was not aware that she was going to have twins!
While Beyonce is pregnant with twins, Kim Kardashian she is jealous . Yes, the reality TV star does not support that Queen B receives much attention. But hard to miss because of the new Beyoncé broke the internet announcing her pregnancy. And it is on Instagram that it has chosen to do by publishing a picture of her naked after his incredible and amazing photoshoot. A media operation that was carried out with a master’s hand by the queen of hip-hop. But while the stars and his family as his mother Tina Knowles did not hesitate to congratulate the partner of Jay Z, his father he was not even aware that her daughter was expecting a happy event . The reason ? Over the years, Beyonce has somewhat distant from her dad Mathew Knowles when it divorced his mother. So that the father of the star ignored everything of this good news.
And in the show The Insider that Mathew Knowles has indulged in some confidences. Because yes, the father of Beyoncé learned the pregnancy of her daughter like everyone else . “I was shocked, so let me tell you what happened.” I received a first message and was like, ‘Why does this person congratulate me?’ Then I got a second text from one of my Texas Southern University students saying, ‘Go on the web.’ I said, ‘What is he talking about?’ “had no idea” he then revealed. Before entrusting he finally got his girl on the phone : “She looked a little tired as she prepares for her performance Grammy But we had a wonderful father and daughter talk I am extremely proud and happy… ” All is well that ends well so . Anyway, Beyonce is happier than ever and this is the most important. Moreover, the date of birth has been unveiled. What do you think of Beyoncé’s father’s reaction?