Beyonce pregnant: Her heartbreaking revelations on her miscarriage

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

If Beyonce has just announced her pregnancy, the star has had in the past some worries to have a child. His heartbreaking revelations on her miscarriage were overwhelming.
This is news that was not expected! We know when Beyonce wants to make an announcement, she sees the big picture . This time, the star used social networks to share with the world an important moment. Yes, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins . Jay Z’s wife confirmed her pregnancy on her Instagram account. If the surprise was the appointment, he was even more so when it was learned that the interpreter of “Love On Top” was expecting twins. It is a very moving moment for the couple Carter who is about to enlarge their small family. What is often forgotten is that Beyoncé had a miscarriage before Blue Ivy . Whether in his album Lemonade or in TV interviews, the singer made many times referring to this time ripping of his life.
In 2013, Beyoncé unveiled in a documentary broadcast on the American channel HBO , entitled “Life Is But A Dream” , she had a miscarriage before Blue Ivy . The shocking revelations Beyoncé toured the world: “There are almost two years, I became pregnant I heard the most beautiful music it is. A heart beat” . While the couple Carter was preparing to announce the happy event, Beyoncé learned the heartbreaking news: “I went to New York for a check up and there was the beating of the heart” . The star wanted to retranscribe his sentence to the writing in his songs. For example, in his “Interlude” Queen B speaks of “two children, dead and alive” or in “Hope” , she sings “That night in a dream, the firstborn emerged from a slit my belly. the scar looked after with a smile ” . Anyway, Beyonce, who dethroned Selena Gomez Instagram has always proved his strength and courage in difficult times. We can only wish him all our congratulations for this beautiful news.