Beyonce pregnant: Jay Z worries for her

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

While Jay Z is thrilled at the idea of ​​becoming twins dad, the rapper is also very worried about Beyonce’s health!
While Beyonce announced she was pregnant, his father knew nothing about her pregnancy . An anecdote that he did not hesitate to tell in an American program. But far dramas, Beyoncé is literally on all fronts. Nominated nine times for Grammy Awards in 2017 , the singer will attend the ceremony on 12 February and, while waiting for a happy event. Also, Mom Ivy Blue is expected to deliver a show of madness viewers. But that’s not all ! The interpreter of “Halo” is expected in April next year for the festival Coachella and then it will be 7 months pregnant. Information that has also been confirmed by the website TMZ . In other words, Beyonce is a true war machine and that’s the problem. Because if her husband Jay Z supports her career, the rapper is also very worried about his wife’s health.
And that’s Hollywood Life that brings these indiscretions. According to a source, Jay Z would be somewhat anxious about his wife Beyoncé who is currently accused of plagiarism for his photos of pregnancy , make as much effort as she is pregnant . Nevertheless and if we are to believe the words of the informant, Hova have decided to stay put and leave Queen B manage her career as she hears: “Jay does not even try to tell Bey slow Because he already knows his reaction, Beyoncé will do exactly what she wants to do, and Jay is just trying to be there to support her. But despite concerns of Blue Ivy’s dad, Beyonce would still be expected to slow down : . “She plans to take a break when the twins will be there but knowing Bey, it always work on new songs Anyway, they Are super excited and happier than ever. ” That should reassure the fans! Hopefully while Beyoncé will take care of her throughout her pregnancy. Do you think Jay Z is right to worry?