Beyonce pregnant: Jay Z’s mother is impatient

Entertainment 17 May, 2017

Beyonce’s twins do not seem eager to point the tip of their noses, yet their grandmother can not wait any longer! You are told more.
Beyonce’s twins are the most anticipated babies of 2017! Besides, Solange and Jay Z are fighting to witness the birth of Beyoncé. Who will have the honor of seeing the twins first? We obviously put her on her husband! In any case, their parents and aunt are not the only ones to be impatient to discover their adorable face, the mother of Jay Z, Gloria Carter, too! She can not wait any longer and we understand her. The birth of Beyonce is imminent now, it is only a matter of days or even hours. Gloria Carter counts the hours but in the meantime, she confided to the magazine PEOPLE . Discover them immediately!
Jay Z’s mother is as impatient as her son to meet her grandchildren. Already 5-year-old Blue Ivy’s grandmother, Gloria Carter told PEOPLE : “I’m very excited that babies are coming into the family.” . In any case, Jay Z’s mother is very busy and does not lose a minute. She founded the Shawn Carter Foundation (CFS) to help less fortunate people who face socio-economic difficulties in their post-secondary education. One thing is for sure is that these babies will make happy . While awaiting the imminent arrival of Beyoncé’s twins , discover her diva requirements for her delivery! Are you eager to discover their boil?