Beyonce pregnant, Nicki Minaj mocks her on Instagram?

Entertainment 6 February, 2017

Nicki Minaj shared a photo on Instagram with a rather confused legend, would the rapper laugh at Beyonce?
Last week, Beyonce confirmed her pregnancy via one account Instagram by posting a beautiful picture where she reveals her baby bump. The singer and Jay-Z will soon welcome twins! The post has broken all records and the news has not failed to react on social networks. Many stars congratulated Queen B for her second pregnancy including rapper Nicki Minaj . If the latter seemed delighted to the Carter, one of his recent posts Instagram sowed doubt. Nicki Minaj has not delayed to post a picture where she appears in black lingerie transparent with a baby bump. “#ATBIMS You’re so childish Omgskibbidybopbopghjhddfnjj- I would wait to share the news but …” she wrote in legend. Is the rapper pregnant? Does she laugh at Beyonce?
Nicki Minaj she tries to steal the show from Beyoncé, who was accused of plagiarism for his photos of pregnancy ? Mystery! If some of his fans congratulated him, others wondered about this pregnancy. The rapper recently separated from her fiancé Meek Mill and could well be pregnant . A source also revealed to Hollywood Life that the star wanted to be a mother. “Since she was little, she has always dreamed of being a mother and it is something that Nicki wants .” Revealed the indiscreet. However, the rapper used the hashtag “ATBIMS” meaning “All these bitches are my son” that she uses frequently in his songs to say she is the mother and queen of rap. It is also likely that Nicki Minaj is not mocked and Beyonce is not pregnant but she has just announced his new album . And, in your opinion, is Nicki Minaj pregnant at the same time as Beyoncé?