Beyoncé pregnant, she has already lost a lot of weight in 3 weeks!

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Beyonce has managed to get back into shape quickly after the birth of her twins and is not far from losing all of her pounds of pregnancy!

About three weeks ago, Beyoncé gave birth to his twins, named Rumi and Sir. If the singer had an awesome baby bump, she would soon find her wasp size. Indeed, less than a month after her birth, Queen B has already lost 13 pounds! Dr. Bruce Ettinger and a source close to the singer revealed how Beyoncé managed to lose her pregnancy pounds as quickly as possible. “The stomach muscles tense, so Beyoncé will want to start the exercises soon. If she has had a Caesarean section, she will need more time depending on the speed of her healing,” the doctor said. However, Beyoncé does not rush to lose pounds, she tries to eliminate them while taking care of her body.

Beyoncé is already mom of little Blue Ivy and knows how to react her body to pregnancy and after childbirth. However, this time, she carried two children! “Beyonce is working again and eating well. Now that she feels stronger after childbirth, she began working with a personal coach to eliminate her pregnancy pounds,” the source said. “After the first week of birth of the twins, she lost between 9 and 11 kilos, most of which was due to water retention, and about 3 weeks after delivery she lost nearly 13 kilos In total but she is not ready to appear in public, she wants at least lose to the 5 kg before, “she added. In addition, Beyoncé imposes a strict diet “low in fat and carbohydrates, full of organic vegetables and lean protein like tuna and chicken breast.” The singer should very quickly be able to return to the front of the stage.